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Alumni Service Award


Presented during Medical Alumni Weekend, the Alumni Service Award honors the recipients' generous, loyal and energetic commitment to the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and to the Medical Center Development and Alumni Relations programs. Honorees are selected annually by the Nominating Subcommittee of the Medical Alumni Advisory Council.

2014 - Edward T. Anderson, C'65, M'69

Edward AndersonEdward T. Anderson, C’65, M’69, arrived at Penn with a full scholarship and the drive to excel in academics, athletics, and leadership. As a graduate he has helped to provide the same opportunities for many others.

Elected to many roles in student government, Dr. Anderson was honored as a member of the Sphinx Honor Society and as the Spoon Man at graduation. A star basketball and track athlete, he also found time to meet and woo his wife Lois, PT’65. (They are the parents of two Penn graduates, Britt, C’93, and Lindsey, C’99.)

Graduating from the School of Medicine in 1969, Dr. Anderson went to Stanford University for his internship, residency, and cardiology fellowship. Since 1975 he has specialized in interventional cardiology at Sequoia Hospital, where his colleagues, patients, and their families speak of his extraordinary compassion, as well as his abilities as a diagnostician, communicator, and mentor. He has been called not only a “physician’s physician” but also “a joy to work with.”

Even as his physical being has remained on the West Coast, Dr. Anderson’s ties to Penn have continued to grow. He served as an Alumni Trustee for 10 years and on the Athletic Board of Overseers, the University Committee for Undergraduate Financial Aid, and the Penn Alumni Board of Directors. The University recognized him with its Alumni Award of Merit in 2011.

A model University alumnus, Dr. Anderson has also set the standard for service to the Perelman School of Medicine. He has served on alumni advisory boards and councils, as well as his 40th and 45th reunion committees. Remembering the crucial role of financial aid to his own education, he has been a strong supporter of the 21st Century Scholarship Fund. Remembering, too, the formative influence of studying for exams with friends, he and his two great friends from the Medical Class of 1969, Louis Kozloff and William Moreau Thompson, funded the Anderson Kozloff Thompson Classroom in the new Henry A. Jordan M’62 Medical Education Center. The gift honored their 40th reunion as well as their many years of friendship.

2014 - Robert G. Johnson Jr., C’74, GR’80, M’81

Robert JohnsonRobert G. Johnson Jr., C’74, GR’80, M’81, is an enthusiastic alumnus and supporter of the Perelman School of Medicine. A longstanding member of the Medical Alumni Advisory Council (MAAC), he has helped anchor the “West of the Rockies” contingent and is a member of the Nominating Committee for the Distinguished Graduate Awards. He has hosted or co-hosted events for the medical school near his Lafayette, California, hometown and been involved with the HOST volunteer program (for 4th year medical students who are undergoing their internship interviews). In addition to other financial support, he and his wife, Dr. Margaret Liu, are two of the kick-off donors to the 250th Anniversary Celebration Medical School Scholarship Fund.

Robert was an undergraduate at Penn prior to entering the School of Medicine as an MD/PhD candidate. Upon graduation, he underwent his house officer and fellowship training in internal medicine and endocrinology and metabolism, respectively, at Massachusetts General Hospital. He then joined both the Harvard Medical School faculty as an Assistant Professor and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) as an Associate Investigator. Subsequently, Robert returned to Penn as a medical school faculty member and was one of the initial Penn investigators with HHMI.

Dr. Johnson left academia to accept the challenge of drug development and has worked in the biopharmaceutical industry at Merck and Chiron, where he has had responsibilities from basic science through clinical development in a variety of executive roles, most recently as CEO of Kosan Biosciences. He is currently a consultant for the biopharmaceutical industry with a particular focus on novel targets and delivery systems. He is committed to streamlining and restructuring the drug discovery and clinical development process while ensuring profitability.

Robert looks forward with great anticipation to Penn Medicine’s 250th anniversary celebrations next year.

Alumni Service Award Recipients

Henry A. Jordan, M.D., '62
Brooke Roberts, M.D., '43D
Robert L. Mayock, M.D., '42
John J. Mikuta, M.D., '48
Elizabeth Kirk Rose, M.D., '26
Lester G. Steppacher Jr., M.D., '44
Stanley J. Dudrick, M.D., '61
John Helwig Jr., M.D., '54
Arthur A. Altman, M.D., '57
Diane K. Jorkasky, M.D., '77
G. Clayton Kyle, M.D., '47
James J. Leyden, M.D., '66
John J. Sayen, M.D., '39
John R. Senior, M.D., '54
William W. Beck Jr., M.D., '65
Joseph S. Gordon, M.D., '57
Sylvan H. Eisman, M.D., '41
Walter J. Gamble, M.D., '57
Francis Schumann, M.D., '39
M. William Schwartz, M.D., '61
David Y. Cooper, M.D., '48
Stanley H. Lorber, M.D., '43A
Martin S. Kanovsky, M.D., '78
Donald W. LaVan, M.D., '59
Marc B. Garnick, M.D., '72
Marcelle J. Shapiro, M.D., '80
Howard J. Eisen, M.D., '81
Rosemary Mazanet, M.D., '86, Ph.D.
Gail Morrison, M.D., '71
Mitchell J. Blutt, M.D., '82
Melisa Cooper, M.D., '82
Stanton Fischer, M.D., '56
Rhoda Rosen, M.D., '58
Darryl L. Landis, M.D., '89
Deborah A. Driscoll, M.D., GM '87, HOM '98
George A. Moo-Young, M.D., '74, INT '75
Theodore Friedmann, M.D., '60
David Babbott, M.D., '55
Louis Kozloff, M.D., '69
Richard Janeway, M.D., '58, INT'62
Charles I. Wagner, M.D., '67, INT '68, FEL '74
David F. Apple, Jr., M.D., '62
William H. Simon, M'63, INT'67
Philomena McAndrew, M'78, PAR'12
Louis Matis, M'75


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