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Caitlin Carr Lopez, M.D.

Caitlin Carr Lopez, MDCaitlin Carr Lopez, M.D. ’06
, grew up in a household where education was a top priority. Her parents, she says, “wanted my sisters and me to go to the best schools, get the best education, and then go do something good in the world.” Caitlin’s parents also instilled in her the belief that giving back to each school she attended was necessary: “I can’t give much but even a little is important to show support and apprecia¬≠tion in some way. My $50 isn’t critical, but it’s about the act of giving back. Schools don’t survive without support.”

For the native of Toledo, Ohio, Penn Medicine was the best choice because of its outstanding curriculum. Today Catlin is set to complete her residency in radiology in 2012 at Washington University in St. Louis. She chose radiology because she enjoyed all aspects of the discipline in clinical rotation at Penn. She appreciates the variety it offers, with its connections to so many medical specialties, and believes it will support a balance of work with family life. Caitlin chose a path toward breast imaging because early detection for breast cancer makes such a big impact on women’s lives.

Caitlin has given to the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania every year since she graduated. “It costs schools more to educate us than the price of tuition, and I wanted to acknowledge that,” she says. “I think it’s something many people overlook. I am very fortunate, and I feel it’s important to contribute to student education. Many of my close friends took on a large debt burden. I want to make it possible for more students to matriculate.”

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